Consulting us

Why choose us

Diversified Skill

We have worked in various sectors and have engineering specialize in diverse work cultures.

Expertise Team

Our expert team members are provided with adequate comprehensive training,  to use their skills to handle tasks in an adequate and appropriate manners.

Extensive Experience

A person became an expert after sufficient knowledge is acquired in the relevant field. We do have experts to handle project activities.

Collaboration Approach

Our leadership and team sprits in the workspace helps us to complete the tasks and achieve our goals.

Quality Control

We have a skilled quality assurance team in place to ensure that our deliverables meet the highest possible standards.

Why consulting us?

At Greyspace, our most qualified team residing in India, as well as Netherlands, is open to provide engineering services for concrete and steel buildings in order to build robust structures. Most of our engineers carry the experience of more than 10 years that lead to tackle the projects in a specialised way and come with the most efficient solution.

Our renowned service all through the years has resulted in one of many pleased and satisfied customers. Moreover, we are committed to assist our clients throughout the process and furnish the drawings till the full finalisation and implementation of the project.

We have acquired majority of software packages and have highly accomplished our engineering standards, that we can work to your needs. Our guidance on the best strategy and tools to use helps client to achieve optimal solutions. We will send you an invoice for the delivered job every week, relying on your evaluation and prior written consent, so that you may keep your expenditures under control and remain financially healthy, and therefore be a secured and stable partner. Consult us and grab the best solution!

India office

Qualified designers and engineers from diverse domains deliver their services from our office residing in India. Our team completes projects by prioritising project planning and execution, followed by a quality assessment.

Netherlands office

To make the ease of access and working with European clients, our Netherlands office is known as the business development center. The professionals residing here aid in developing customer relationships and enhance the deliverables in all aspects